Bek & Meri Small Woven Tray

These stunning woven trays are made in PNG where, and certainly in the poorer, remote rural villages, it is the women who are the sole income earners in a family.

The money generated from the sale of bilums & homewares goes directly back to the artisan and their family, helping pay for everyday essentials such as food, housing, healthcare, running water and education for her children. 

Use this gorgeous piece as a practical tray or adorn it on a wall in your home as a work of art. 

When buying a Bek & Meri bilum bag or woven homeware, you are buying something unique, preserving a tradition, supporting weeks of labour and improving the wellbeing and livelihood of these hardworking artisans. Because all Bek & Meri products are all individually and carefully hand selected, you can be assured that you will always receive a product or exceptional quality and workmanship.

Weaver:  Paul 

Provenance: LUFA 

Materials: Plant (Cane)

Made in: 2018.

Measures: 42cm in Diameter.

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