Coconut Bowls

Coconut bowls are handcrafted from real coconuts, all of them reclaimed having been discarded as waste.

Each coconut is cut, sanded, cleaned and finished with organic coconut oil. Nothing artificial is used during this process.

Of the billions of coconuts harvested each year for the coconut oil, water and flesh industries, 99% of their shells are discarded and burned as waste. Coconut Bowls are up-cycling these shells into beautiful eco-friendly bowls made from real coconuts. With billions of plastic containers also ending up as landfill every year, it’s important that society begins to reject plastic solutions in favour of plant based alternatives. 

Coconut Bowls are a little piece of tropical paradise that you can bring to your kitchen.

-Diameter average 12cm - 14cm (Average 13cm)
-Depth 6cm - 7cm (Average 6cm)
-Volume 500ml - 700ml (Average 600ml)

To care for:

-Hand wash with warm soapy water before first use and allow to air dry.
-Avoid extreme temperatures including refrigerator, microwave and dishwasher.
-Avoid use with extremely hot foods.
-Rehydrate with coconut oil polish to restore shine (every 10 or so uses)


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