Savannah Morrow Oasis Dress Olive

Made from 100% wild organic cotton & naturally dyed. 

The Oasis Dress features a plunging V neck that leads into an extravagant button up front and front split. A double layered band that pulls in around the smallest part of the waist offers a flattering fit. The Oasis dress flows as you walk by, it has a desirable spirit you will want to follow it wherever it goes. 

The Oasis Dress is naturally colored with plant based dyes made from tree bark and leaves that are grown on sustainable farms, owned by the zero-waste factory creating the dyes.

By choosing naturally dyed products, you are choosing to consciously make a difference in the world we share. Most fashion is chemically dyed, causing a huge pollution problem for our home, the earth, plus it is the no.1 polluter of clean water (after agriculture).

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Join our Commune and get 10% off your first order!