Gold Tipped Mud Belle

A lot of time and careful attention was poured into every belle from throwing, carving, sanding, bead making, glazing and finally to stringing them up with considered beads that match and sound nicely together when rung. Each is unique and special in its own way.
Fired three times with 14 carat gold painted on.

Hand thrown.
Hand carved.
Ceramic beads were hand formed.

Each belle has a different design and one will be handpicked for you. We cannot guarantee a certain design, they will be chosen at random. They are all as beautiful as the belles displayed in the image. 

Product by Mudhavi

Mudhavi is a Gold Coast based ceramicist who makes each piece by hand with care and love, each unique and special. 

Slight imperfections and variations of one piece from another give hand-crafted works the intrinsic uniqueness that makes them all the more lovable.

Made in Australia

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