Oddbird Mavis Handwoven Robe

Constructed from 3 handwoven Turkish towels and sewn by local artisans in Istanbul, Turkey, this textile is ethically made with pride.
Truly luxurious, soft and extremely absorbent, this lightweight robe is made from a raw cotton and linen blend. A perfect robe for transitional weather and day wear.

Multifunctional and quick drying, it can easily be packed into a summer bag to be taken to the beach, worn as a duster coat over jeans, or a cover-up over lingerie or after a bath. Great to throw on in the morning while enjoying your cup of coffee and whipping up breakfast.
Our robes are all made by hand with love and recommended to be washed similarly to keep the integrity of the textile. Washing on a delicate cycle in cold water is recommended if hand washing is not realistic. If there is a little room of give in the garment, using the drier on a delicate setting is also fine.  

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