Bisque Rattan Trapezium Pendant

The iconic pendant light from Bisque is made of stunning Rattan. A stand out above our counter in store, they give off a beautiful light of an evening. Perfect as a lighting pendant, or simply as a hanging feature in the home.

These lights are available in 3 sizes - 40cm, 60cm and 90cm. The lights above our counter are the 90cm diameter. Please note the exact colour and look of each pendant might vary slightly as they are handmade so please keep this in mind. 

Hand-selected with care, you know you’re investing in a quality item when you order anything from Bisque. A family company, they produce really beautiful products that are made with newly developed or age old traditional skills, love, and most of all a commitment to breaking the poverty cycle and providing opportunities for the next generation.


Photography by Kendall Hubbord

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