Commune:  An intentional community of people living together, sharing common interests, often having common values and beliefs.

Commune was born in 2016 by two local girls, Loren and Kristie, who share a love for the ocean, handmade products, interiors and fashion.

At Commune, we believe in sustainability, and, wherever possible- ethical, fair trade, handmade products. After struggling to find these types of products collectively, we launched the idea to bring them all together. A Commune of sorts - a place where a community of artisans and conscious consumers comes together. Not only the Bondi community- but a world community of like minds. Minds that share a similar ethos and ethics....

Our home on Sydney's Bondi Beach was the obvious pick for our shopfront.

Commune is a place where we showcase our favourite brands. We love nothing more than hearing and sharing the beautiful stories behind these brands, and the artisans who skilfully made them possible. 

We are thrilled that our interstate and international customers can shop with us online too.

We hope you can take a little piece of our Commune into your home.

Thank you for your support!

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Plates on table

Join our Commune and get 10% off your first order!