Elm Scholars Benches

Beautiful blonde, weathered, rustic elm scholars bench. Great for your entranceway, hallway, end of bed or to dress up a corner. Throw your hats on it, your shoes under it and stack some books or a pot plant on one end to dress it up. One of our most popular and versatile pieces of furniture to style your home with. 

Measurements corresponding below, in CM. There are 2 images of each bench- front and side close up. Please be careful when selecting your choice. 

Bench 1: 134L x 14 w x 55h 

Bench 2: 127L x 15 w x 52 h

Bench 3: 119L x 17w x 51h 

Bench 4: 137L x 16w x 51h

Bench 5: 143L x 13w x 40h 

Bench 6: 130L x 14w x 48h

Bench 7: 126L x 13w x 48h

Bench 8: 144L x 11w x 48h

Bench 9: 131L x 13w x 44h 

Bench 10: 128L x 13w x 41h

Bench 11: 144L x 16w x 44h 


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