INFINITE Translucent Cola Amber Bio Lens

  • In the monotonous landscape of conventional eyewear, "The Infinite" makes its entrance — a striking rectangular cat-eye masterpiece, marked by bold bevelled edges. This isn't just a pair of sunglasses; it's a proclamation, crafted with a zeal for plant-based materials. 

    Wearing The Infinite is embracing the essence of Childe, boldly challenging and transforming the norms of eyewear fashion. Step into the revolution.

Our CHILDE WiLDe plant based Sunglasses frames are made from a plant based grilamid polymer made from 61% renewable resources.

This polymer is petrochemical free and dramatically reduces carbon emissions. The future is nature.

We have now introduced a plant based bio lens to compliment our eco conscious frames. The plant based lenses are made from a castor oil base nylon which is made from 39% renewable resources.

Plant based lenses are light, scratch resistant and provide premium optical clarity.

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