Lime Tumbler Pink


A sweet and salty citrus tumblr dedicated to turning any beverage into a playful one🍹

Hand crafted earthenware cup, curved to fit comfortably in your hand and detailed with juicy glossy lime slice adding a fruity touch to every sip.

An exclusIve collaboration with Degoey Planet and Commune Bondi

height 12cm

width 11cm


Degoey Planet is a growing collection of imagined and bought to life fantasies... designed and created independently by founder Alexandria Degoey
All ceramics are a collection of vessels designed and created through the art of clay and glaze. Inspired by imagination, each collection plays between the fine line of fantasy and functionality, serving as decorative pieces which aim to stimulate the mind and start a conversation. Each individual piece is delicately crafted and glazed by hand meaning that not one piece will be identical to the other.
Degoey Planet takes pride in offering locally handmade pieces, all creations are handmade in Queensland, Australia with attention to detail and using the highest quality materials and techniques. Offering a product which is made with consideration to you and to the environment. Nothing is mass produced nor wasted, with each item purchased you are supporting a growing need for products made with artisanal methods. 

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