Raw Earth Hanging Planter White

Available in 8 neutral and grounding colour hues that work to complement soft furnishings and accentuate many foliage types. Widely used in both domestic and commercial applications, the Raw Earth Range has been one of the most popular Angus & Celeste planter designs to date.

Plant directly into the bowl or sleeve many standard nursery pots. The king in the A&C hanging planter range, the large and mid size bowl offering will produce spectacular results when planted directly into. Explore plants like Rhipsalis, Staghorns and Devils Ivy for show stopping results.

Suspended with a super fine, high-strength, load tested stainless-steel hanging system that will withstand multiple environments. Perfect for modern designer interiors or a dry climate aesthetic.


What’s included?
• High-fired pigmented porcelain bowl with drainage hole (2.2kg)
• Stainless steel cable set:
• Cable Pack D
Hangers: 70cm approx. length
Extension cord: 70cm length
• Silicone plug for drainage flexibility
• Gift-boxed

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