Ekmek Bread Board Small

Ekmek Bread Board will have you can slicing, dicing, and doing it all in style.  Feeling peckish?  Brie, olives, brioche all have a place on this grazers delight!

  • Designed in Australia
  • Handmade Repurposed Mango Wood
  • Durable and water resistant
  • Made in India 

Repurposed Mango Wood is from mango trees past their best fruit-bearing years.  After 20-30 years the mature trees need to be replaced with saplings. Previously this meant burning the old trees. Now the wood is given a new lease of life, lessening carbon emissions and creating a sustainable resource.

Polishing with oil to keep it hydrated is recommended and ensures a hard-wearing, long-lasting product. Any food-safe oil can be used and is best applied with a soft cloth.

Small | 15cm x 25cm / 6" x 10"
With Handle | 15cm x 33cm / 6" x 13"

Product by Saarde


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