Sun Child Affirmation Wall Art Print A4

Add a splash of Joy to your space with this playful Kids Affirmation wall Art Print to brighten and transform any children's room/ nursery. 

The Hand-painted watercolour illustration appears on each artwork, connecting to the affirmation to help visually plant the ‘I am’ belief system to empower children everyday when they see the affirmation in their own bedroom. 

This SunChild Artwork is printed with Print35, a Bondi print studio and social enterprise that provides employment for people with disability.

Printed on 310gsm Textured Conqueror paper 

A4- 210mm x 297mm 

I am Joyful- Today when I smile at everyone I meet the whole wide world will smile back at me. 

I am Love- Today my warm heart will radiate love so bright it will fill the world with a stream of golden loving light. 

I am Light- Today as the sun shines bright I open my heart's inner light which will fill the world and awaken the magical glow of life.

I am Pure Magic- Today the magic I hold inside of me is all that I need to live my life completely feeling happy and free. 


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