Sun Child Positive Affirmation Cards

The cards are designed to expand each individual child’s level of consciousness by correcting the mistake in our intellect that we are anything less than a whole being. By sharing a Sunchild card daily with children you will be aiding them to grow with resilience, happiness and a deep connection to natures’ support.

 Pull a card…

o   In the morning, to start your day off in the light 

o  At bedtime to prepare for sleep and reflect on the day

o  For a moment of calm if your child is distressed as way to discuss feeling or situations that the child may be experiencing and allows them to know everything is always okay  

o  For FUN, inspiring the feelings of joy, connection and to build self-esteem 

o  Pull a card to share with a friend who may be in need or place one in your child’s lunchbox, pocket or backpack. 

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